About HLD Group

HLD Group and its affiliates have been established to develop a diverse group of industrial businesses, primarily located in the UK, USA and Europe.


Our particular focus is on businesses with revenues in excess of £10m and up to £100m. We will make acquisitions where business improvement is required to allow these companies to fulfil their potential.

HLD’s principals have been successfully acquiring industrial businesses for the past 20 years, with a large degree of success. HLD currently has a number of businesses in its existing group and we are constantly looking to expand. HLD has made available substantial investment to facilitate achieving its objectives.

The HLD team will aim to complete six or more acquisitions per annum. Throughout their careers our directors and partners have completed in excess of 100 transactions.

We concentrate on Industrial businesses which encompasses Manufacturing, Engineering and Materials Distribution. We focus on these sectors as our executives have a strong background in these areas.

HLD considers itself to be an industrial group; therefore we do not have definitive timescale for exits.

Please contact us for more information.